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My favorite watch is only $19.

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I love my Casio A158W!

Lange watches, Vacheron and Rolex don’t have to cost $19. My current favourite is the Casio A158W. This watch is small and affordable. This is why I purchased it, and the reason it cannot be removed from my wrist.

It is very simple to use. The case measures approximately 34 mm in diameter by 8.5 mm thick. It measures 38mm lug-to lug. This case has the branding stamping and is made of stainless steel.

Also, the linked bracelet is made of stainless steel. It is interesting to see the difference between the polished and matte versions of this bracelet. It may seem odd but it adds visual interest and makes the bracelet stand out.

This watch features a quartz standard movement and a seven-year lithium battery.

An LCD screen displays the time in either seconds or hours. You can see minutes, seconds, and minutes. The button on the right allows you to switch between 12-hour and 24-hour time zones. The day of week will This watch’s best feature is not its price, but its appearance. This watch is retro-inspired and looks great for those who were born in 1980.

My Watch: Why bother?

We are now returning to our original question. Why did you purchase this watch? You can be sure that the watch was purchased to compare high-end watches with cheaper ones found on YouTube.

Ironically, this bracelet was bought for the bracelet only and not because it matched my watch. If your wrist is not covered by the bracelet, you can replace it with this one. The bracelet looks even more genuine this way.

The Reasons I love it so much

When I opened the CasioA158W, it was all in its details. Unboxing the CasioA158W is a different experience than opening a luxury watch.

It is an ordinary box, but it features velvet and latches. You can also find little drawers to store thick manuals or cards. A cardboard box is provided with instructions on how to use it. It was so boring that I didn’t want to keep it.

This was not what I expected. It was nearly perfect.

It brought back memories of childhood, because I could open the box to take out my watch. This brought back memories of my Timex Ironman. The neon Swatches I used to love with their rotating bezels were easy to recall. Although they are expensive, I found joy in them and continue to treasure their meaning today.

Collecting watches is great.


It is very easy for people to fall in love when they first try high-end watches. It is not worth spending a lot on watches when there are better options. It is unnecessary to spend the time and money.

Minor obsessions with watches have been a part of my life. I have always loved fashion watches and those who sell them. My goal is to invest only in high-quality products. All items I purchase, including watches, are high quality.

Culture revolves around instant fulfillment or the desire for immediate satisfaction. This is normal and accepted. You may spend less on quality products that you really need.

This watch was so amazing that it surprised me. I learned a lot from this watch. It isn’t about getting the most flashy or expensive watch. It doesn’t really matter to real watchmakers.

It’s not all about the price. The story and the way it makes you feel is what matters. It is about the joy that it brings.Do you love watches that bring you joy?As always, we appreciate your reading.

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