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Hailey Bieber seen at Superga Fall 2020 Campaign beaches.

Supermodel Hailey Bieber is featured in Superga’s fall/winter 2021 advertisement campaign. She was also seen in spring ads. You can now see her outside Malibu’s Tennis and Riding Club. Zoey Grossman, a photographer, takes glamour photos with an all-female group. Styled by Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Hailey wears the 2750 and 2706 OG styles… [Read More]Supermodel Hailey Bieber is back as the face of Superga’s fall-winter 2021 campaign. After appearing in spring ads, Hailey poses at Malibu Tennis and Riding Club, California. Zoey Grossman is a glamourous photographer that photographs an all-female group. Gabriella Karefa Johnson models Hailey in 2750 OG styles… [Read more] Campaign…

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