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Here’s how diversity (or lack thereof), was showcased on the 2021 Golden Globes stage.

The Golden Globes have a problem. You may not have known about the negative press that they get, but a quick glance at last night’s bizarre, inept ceremony might have given you some clues.

It started, as it so often does, when the nominations were announced earlier this year and the major categories were dominated by white celebs. Hollywood’s award show hosts are dominated by white celebrities. Surprisingly though, there was no mention of projects such as HBO’s Lovecraft Country, Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods, and Michaela Colel’s outstanding I May Destroy You, which all received Best Drama Series nominations. Unearned nominations were given to Emily in Paris. This is everyone’s favorite hate-watch.

L.A. L.A. The investigation revealed a shocking lack of diversity. The other 80 are all Black. Zero.

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The tension that surrounded the broadcast last night was due to all of its behind-the-scenes activity. Although nobody, other than the HFPA, would claim that this 3-hour-long ceremony is a sign for a better inclusive Golden Globes future. However, celebrities came out to challenge the BS and call for inclusion.

Before the show, calls for #TimesUpGlobes were made

Before last week’s Awards, celebrities began to share messages on social media. Hollywood Foreign Press Association: The 87 include not a single Black American member. This image was originally posted by Time’s Up, the Hollywood group that started #MeToo. It reads: “#TimesUpGlobes”. The message was quickly shared by many actors, including Shonda Rhimes and Sterling K. Brown. Tracee Ellis Ross, Tracee Washington, Tracee Williams, Tracee Scott Ross, Tracee Washington, and Tracee Davis Ross. It was also helped by Kerry Washington, Mark Ruffalo and others. Gina Prince Bythewood and Tracee William Ross also contributed to this image. Tracee Eli Ross Tracee Evans Ross Tracee Ross Tracee Ross Tracee Jenny Aniston Tracee Jim Ross

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